Booking Information for Alan Kaplan

Alan Kaplan has been working in the Los Angeles area as an Artist-Clinician with Kanstul since 2007.
If you are interested in booking Mr. Kaplan you may do so using the information listed below.
Contact Charles Hargett at Kanstul: (888) KANSTUL
Clinic Format: Style(s): Jazz & Big Band, Orchestral, Concert Band
Target audience(s): Elementary – College
Clinic setting(s): Group Clinics, Master Classes and Guest Soloing.
Instrument(s) played: Trombone Kanstul 1602B AR Resonance Alan Kaplan Small M/piece
Trombone Kanstul 1570-B convertible valve section AR Resonance Alan Kaplan Large M/piece
Bass Trombone Conn 62H Kaplan-Kanstul M/piece
Tuba Jupiter 780L Warburton 30D M/piece
Euphonium Yamaha YEP 321 Warburton 5GS M/piece
Bass Trumpet Bach Kaplan-Kanstul M/piece
Contrabass Trombone Jinbao Warburton custom M/piece
Current employment: Concert Orchestra, Jazz, and Theater Artist
Movie, Television, Record, and Radio Recording Artist
To contact Mr. Kaplan directly please E-mail:
Phone 818-632-3824